Show Us What You Can Do, Donald J.

The misfit outsider won the election and the unpopular kids are on top. And they want nothing more than to stick it in everyone’s face.  They can’t believe they’re there. They’re pretty sure they don’t belong there.

But let’s ride this m*&#%er f#^&ing gig Big League!

That’s the current tone of the Trump White House. The leader, Donald J., is flinging himself at executive order after executive order. How can anyone, even as brilliant as this man thinks he is, imagine they are capable of making multiple considered and informed decisions within hours of taking a position? A position where, let’s face it, The Donald is a veritable Intern. But what a prime photo op these signings are. Get the cameras in every few hours and film The Donald doing Big Things. He’s doing Really Big Things.  Doesn’t he look presidential in his dark suit, white shirt, and blue tie doing Really Big Things.

Donald J. has changed his party affiliation with the regularity of the Kardashians introducing a new reality TV show. That he won as a Republican is no accident. Republicans should go in the corner and hang their collective heads in shame for eight years of obstructionism for obstructionism’s sake. You invited a candidate like The Donald. One who planned from the start to work completely outside the standards of a government that’s functioned rather well for over two centuries. Your party earned a candidate like The Donald.

But now we’re all saddled with him. And his team, replete with inexperienced outsiders and angry misfits ready to sell their souls to be an insider–for that elusive illusion of being one of the popular ones.

And oh, but is there no bottom to Donald J.’s egocentricity? How much longer are we going to argue and posture about whom had the most watched inauguration? And is there no end to the depth of deception and duplicity from his band of merry men and women?  Alternative facts? Huh? Voter fraud to the tune of millions when it fits the narrative, but not when there’s talk of investigation? Really?

I understand how this self-designed caricature got elected. People were tired of nothing happening in Washington. The choice became Trump, or don’t vote, and many chose Trump. They took a chance. I so want them not to be wrong. I don’t think Donald J. acts like a bad man. I think he acts like a frightened, needy, and rather bright, child…with possible potential under all that baggage.

So here’s the challenge, Donald J. Trump. You avow you like challenges. Enough with all the playground games and manipulations. This isn’t a school yard. Or a television set.  And you’re not campaigning anymore. You won the presidential election. It’s not about you anymore. It’s about us. All of us. So grow the frick up. Be a man. Be a president. Of these UNITED States of America.