Growing Hope In Unlikely Soil

I’ve been educating myself on appropriate expectations for organic weed control.  My teacher has been the proprietor of an organic weed control service.  He’s militant about organic weed control. This is a strange juxtaposition for a tree-hugging profession. Peace, love, and save the earth one natural application of weed control at a time. But this fellow sounds pissed off. He talks in blacks and whites. In us and thems. Those who believe that putting chemicals into lawns and yards is toxic to us all and those people who don’t?

Were I to meet someone with this approach in a different arena, I would type cast him. I would put him at a rally for Donald Trump, where I easily imagine a person who has the absolute answers, and identifies everyone who doesn’t have the answers. An angry, dissatisfied person who embraces the idea that the world has it out for people like him. In a word: screwed.  By all the bad people who are making things bad for people like him.

An edge creeps into the organic weed controller’s voice, even though I agree with him about the destructive practice of pouring chemicals on and into Mother Earth. He’s singing to the choir!! However, I may not have the budget to take the full-scale integrated approach he mentions to completely nip the weed problem in the bud, and this seems to irritate him.

But what makes joining forces with this edgy weed eradicator an easy decision for me, despite hearing this topic framed in an us and them approach—an approach that generally makes me recoil, arbitrary separations that plant seeds for  the worst of everything in this universe of ours– is that he’s no victim. He’s not sitting around complaining and blaming, the tone at that Trump rally I was ready to consign him to. Nor is he attempting the tactic of insulting and bullying me into submission, another Trump rally approach.

He’s channeling his anger into action. Into organic weed control. This man has hope. That he can make a difference, a positive contribution to improving this world. Yes, one natural application of weed control at a time. And I’ll be right there with him.

I would have easily type cast this man, but I didn’t.  I also think I would have been wrong.

That gives me hope.