Nail Polish Dos and Don’ts?


When black nail polish hit the fashion scene, I had reservations. I love dark and Goth in its own place and time, but not for everyone anywhere. When black nails became common on the red carpet, that dampened the whole counterculture rebellious effect of  black where we didn’t expect it, like on lips and nails. Were I prone to dressing Goth at the time, I might have moved to pink and tulle and rhinestones. Then out came iridescent blue and green nail polish, Swamp Thing finger-tips for the masses. I judged those colors unattractive enough to be short-lived, and they were. But expanding nail-polish color boundaries to the extreme has made us more open to color variation, and anything that encourages personal style is a net plus.

I have a favorite shade of gray nail polish. My eighty-six-year-old aunt says this color, on my toes, makes me look like a corpse–and somehow that just enhances my enjoyment of painting all ten toenails that very shade! On to the question of the week:

Is there a certain age beyond which a woman should not wear an unnatural color of nail polish?

B: A certain age? No.  A certain reason–as in, trying to look like you are the same age as your daughter, or granddaughter? Yes.

D: No. When I hear a question like that, I ask myself, would anyone ask something like that about a man?

P: No. I think whatever color a woman thinks looks good on her she should wear… sometimes colors one might associate with youth are not strictly for the young, as in Advanced Style, my favorite blog!

R: Oh God, no. Live till you die. Maybe not a mini-skirt or a bikini. But nail polish? Go wild, baby.