Men in Miniskirts

I’ve finally figured out the appeal to boys and young men of wearing their pants slung so low on their body that only a tight belt will keep them up.  It’s their secret desire to achieve clothing equality.  Women have been cross-dressing for over a century now, so long that we forget it used to be cross-dressing for women to wear pants.  Now women can wear whatever they want and no one cares.  Women have equal clothing rights.  But men?  They are still suffering under antiquated and sexist clothing rules that dictate they are not allowed to wear skirts or dresses.  On the surface, most men disdain women’s clothes.  But subconsciously?  They see that they are oppressed and they do the only thing they can:  they lower their belt to exactly the same spot where a woman’s mini-skirt would end.  Now they’re as restricted as women are!  No long strides for them, mincing steps only, and a constant readjustment to keep things just so.  So the next time you see a male with his pants slung perilously low, remember, he’s only doing it because secretly he wants to be in a miniskirt. 


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