Peggy Yalman

Born in 1950 in Yellow Springs, Ohio, the home of Antioch College, Peggy was brought up with all the left-leaning political views that this very special town and college fostered. Growing up with a strong political conscience in no way stopped Peggy from experiencing the usual small town, midwestern childhood antics and teenage pursuits of boys, parties and hairdos.  Graduating high school in 1968, one of this country’s most remarkable years in history, Peggy went on to college at Adelphi University, New York University and Boston University.  Yes, three colleges in four years! Over time Peggy’s pattern of change was further reflected in bouncing back and forth between Boston and New York City a couple of times, marrying and divorcing two men, earning an MBA at Simmons without any prior business experience, and abruptly changing her career from schoolteacher to financial analyst.

Twenty years ago Peggy abandoned her wanderlust to raise her son, Alexander, in the beautiful town of Concord, MA. Fourteen years ago Peggy found a job that she loves and intends to keep –  Real Estate Broker. 

With Alexander off pursuing his dream of fame and fortune as a stand-up comic in New York, Peggy has picked up her pen where she left it many years ago.  Her current endeavor is an anecdotal book about the adventures of a Realtor.  But, of course!


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